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  • How To Plant Wealth

    There are ten videos that start off this learning course, but each video also has a unique downloadable action worksheet to help you take the ideas form the video and directly apply them to your life. When you complete this course module you will have planted wealth, and that means the harvest is coming!

  • How To Make Money

    Being rich means leaning how to do something few others are doing. You will get the classic textbook “How To Make Money” but you will also get three teaching videos with Dr. Jones and Dr. Nongard, showing you how to activate these ideas in your own life.

  • The Master Key Foundations

    The Master Key System has helped countless people unlock wealth for almost 100 years. Our Wealth Planting course gives you 6 Master Key Lessons, so you can harness the power of this proven system for success.

"Wealth Planting is one of the best, easiest courses I've ever taken on creating a more abundant lifestyle! This is down-to-earth-put-to-use-immediately stuff.And I have used these ideas already."

Ted Shaw
Professional Artist and Real Estate Devloper

Here is what is included in this life changing course:

  • Ten Wealth Planting Action Worksheets ($29 value)
  • How to Make Money eTextbook (Annotated by Dr. Steve G. Jones and Dr. Richard Nongard) ($19 value)
  • Three 20 minute book study video modules ($79 value)
  • Downloadable subliminal messages MP3 ($29 value)
  • Two Platinum Level 60 Minute Hypnosis Recordings ($79 each value)
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